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Letter to Pat Riley:

Posted on: June 25, 2009 12:47 am
Edited on: June 25, 2009 2:12 am
Dear Pat-
I understand your dilemma, I understand the situation you are faced with this offseason,and I understand I am not the guy to tell you how to run your job. I dont have 5 NBA rings, I've never led the Lakers to back-to-back championships, and I certainly have never been on the cover of GQ, well not yet atleast, but I do know one thing. You know that stud you drafted in 03-04? The guy who averaged 34.7 ppg in the NBA Finals while carrying the entire city of Miami on his back. The guy who finished the job that Miami legends Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Morning, and Ronny Seikly were unable to get done. Dude calls himself D Wade, and if he has a problem, than I have a problem. The man wants to win Mr. Riley. He's playing out-of-this-planet-insane-good basketball right now and he wants to win some more jewelry, not only for himself, but for me and you too. However, there is only so much he can do. He took a roster full of D-league talent and turned them into winners last year. That is the good news. More good news comes with Dwayne not being satisfied with his NBA scoring title, with himself entering "the best in the game today" conversation. He knows what he is capable of. You control what happens next. If you stand Pat, allowing this team to "grow" next season without making any strides towards making us a contender, our love-affair with the best player our franchise has ever seen will be cut short. This is the bad news. We will never know what could have been. I beg you Mr. Riley, take the leap-of-faith. Wade asks for Bosh, give him Bosh. Even if it means parting ways with 19 year-old, immature Michael Beasly. He will be a star, no doubt but Wade will not be around. He will be the only star on a team that will be in the lottery for years. You'll look back on this offseason and it will make you sick. Your time in Miami will be mired by this and your relationship with Dwayne and this city will sour.
Mr. Riley, bringer of all that is good, do not mess this up. Bring Bosh to Miami. Wade will resign, find the next Kapono or Posey etc, and we will be hosting parades in our city once again. Your legendary status will cement itself in history. I trust you will make the right decision.
Miami Fan
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